MicroGamerZ Announces Rust Launch

Mon 18th Aug 2014 - 8:24pm Gaming

The Admins:

This server has active admins who also are MicroGamerZ staff. These admins are here to make sure that your time within the server is fair, and as enjoyable as possible. We understand that you’re worried about hackers, and future grievances. Although we cannot prevent them from entering our community server, we will be able to protect and replace your values, and belongings should you lose them via third party.

How do the admin’s regulate the server? Well if are caught hacking, you are instantly banned. However, we have implemented a Strike and Warning system for all players who are in the server. Be sure to check the rules once entering the server.

What’s on MicroGamerZ server?

The community server hosts an economy based role-play. The more “quests” you complete the more money you will make. Of course you can still gain money by taking down rival players, animals, or just simply sitting in the server long enough.

Alongside our economy based role-play we also initiated “         Purge.” Now, what is Purge? Well for those of us who didn’t see the movie it’s when we let the entire server go insane with PvP (Player vs Player) action! At this time we make it sundown, and lock it to provide a more intense atmosphere the more kills you get without being slain yourself, the double your income will be per kill.

If we haven’t sold this server to you yet lets talk about the essentials behind this server. We offer players a kit starter that consist of a 9mm Pistol with one full clip, full cloth armor, stone hatchet, and 5 uncooked food. Now we understand that to some players this may be a huge inconvenience and think how unfair it is, but for those newer players who are just getting started on the server while you’re sitting their in full Kevlar and an M4 waiting to “smack a noob” we think this is just cause to give everyone a fighting chance.

The community server also provides the server players with teleportation requests to other players, however be cautious how you use them you are only allowed six uses for a full twenty-four hours. In a sticky situation and your friends are miles away? Fear not my young padawan’s we have a teleportation command directly back to your base! Provided you have it set up correctly make sure to note that this can only be used once per twenty-four hours, and is very costly.

Have you ever misplaced a building, or had someone try to wall in your sleeping bag within your own home? Not to worry we have given all players the right to use a removal tool. We are aware, and have tested the action to abuse the removal tool.

 When do we launch?

The official launch date has yet to be announced, however we would like to test out our beta server with all its current settings so we get a feel how the community will respond.





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